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Department of Materials

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Tuesday, December 2, 2013, 4-6 p.m. in front of the main entrance HCI F 500

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«In einer idealen Zukunft sind wir überflüssig»
Seit 20 Jahren kämpft Equal um angemessene Bedingungen für Frauen und Männer an der ETH Zürich. Das Jubiläum feiert die Stelle für Chancengleichheit mit einer Ausstellung und einem Podium. Mehr

The objectives of the Department of Materials at ETH-Zurich are to conduct world-class materials research and to produce materials scientists and engineers who are educated at the highest level. »»


SNF Starting Grant for Jennifer Rupp / 25.11.2014

Jennifer Rupp, Electrochemical Materials, wurde für ihr Projekt «Beyond von-Neuman computing – Materials Functionalization and Integration of Threedimensionally stacked Multiterminal Memristive Oxides Replacing Existing Transistors for Neuromorphic Computing» als eine von drei Forschenden an der ETH Zürich mit einem SNF Starting Grant ausgezeichnet. ETH News: Deutsch, English

Field-induced assembly of colloidal ellipsoids into well-defined microtubules / 20.11.2014

The design and production of future materials would enormously benefit if we were capable of self-assembling nanostructures with the precision and reliability found in biological self-assembly. Currently there seems to exist a consensus that a successful model for the formation of biological nanostructure such as microtubules or tubular viruses through self-assembly requires a monomer geometry that already has a preferred curvature explicitly built in. Researchers from the Lund University, University of Konstanz and the Soft Materials group at the Department of Materials, ETH Zurich, now challenge this view. They show that simple colloidal ellipsoids can form well-defined tubular structures in the presence of an alternating electric field. Nature Communications

New at ETH: Jan Vermant / 09.10.2014

Jan Vermant joined the Department of Materials as a professor of soft materials in August 2014. The 46-year-old once considered a career as a professional sailor. ETH News: English, Deutsch

Introductory lecture (video)
, Mon 13. Oct 2014, 17:15, HG F 30

Ralph Spolenak appointed Full Professor / 23.09.2014

The Department of Materials is happy to announce that on September 17/18, the Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has appointed Ralph Spolenak, currently Accociate Professor, as Full Professor of Nanometallurgy. Ralph Spolenak analyses the scaling of mechanical characteristics of materials from the macroscale to the nanoscale and designs innovative nanomaterials. ETH News: English, Deutsch

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Competence Center for Materials and Processes
Materials Alumni Fachverein Scientific Staff Association at the Department of Materials (SAM)

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