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«In einer idealen Zukunft sind wir überflüssig»
Seit 20 Jahren kämpft Equal um angemessene Bedingungen für Frauen und Männer an der ETH Zürich. Das Jubiläum feiert die Stelle für Chancengleichheit mit einer Ausstellung und einem Podium. Mehr

The objectives of the Department of Materials at ETH-Zurich are to conduct world-class materials research and to produce materials scientists and engineers who are educated at the highest level. »»


2015 Soft Matter Lectureship / 12.05.2015

Professor Lucio Isa, Interfaces, Soft matter and Assembly, has been announced as the 2015 Soft Matter Lectureship winner. The Soft Matter Lectureship is an annual award that honours an early-stage career researcher for their significant contribution to the soft matter field. The recipient is selected by the Soft Matter Editorial Board from a list of candidates nominated by the community. Soft Matter Blog, Royal Society of Chemistry

EurJIC-Wöhler Young Investigator Prize / 12.05.2015

The EurJIC-Wöhler Young Investigator Prize will be awarded to Dr. Dorota Koziej, Multifunctional Materials, on Tuesday, 01.09.2015 during the GDCh-Wissenschaftsforums Chemie in Dresden, Germany. About the Prize, Awarded Paper

Nature Communications / 05.05.2015

Collaborative work between groups in Singapore, Hong Kong and Prof. Lucio Isa, Interfaces, Soft matter and Assembly, in D-MATL has lead to the fabrication of novel plasmonic devices. The researchers found that tunable superlattices of silver octahedra can be fabricated via self-assembly at a liquid/liquid interface after controlled surface chemistry modifications of the particles. Contrary to previous belief, they demonstrate that open superlattices of standing octahedra lead to nearly ten-fold higher efficiency for surface-enhanced Raman scattering compared to more closely packed structures. Nature Communications

Wohlfarth Lecture 2015 / 08.04.2015

Prof. Laura Heyderman, Mesoscopic Systems at the Paul Scherrer Institute and D-MATL, ETH Zurich, received a certificate of recognition for her Wohlfarth Lecture at the Magnetism 2015 conference.

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Materials Alumni Fachverein Scientific Staff Association at the Department of Materials (SAM)

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