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29.03.2017 | Awards

Jan Vermant nominated Outstanding Reviewer for Soft Matter in 2016

Jan Vermant, Soft Materials, has been nominated as Outstanding Reviewer for the journal Soft Matter of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The reviewers have been chosen based on the number, timeliness and quality of the reports completed over the last 12 months. Read more 

23.03.2017 | Awards

Nicola Spaldin receives L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award

ETH Professor Nicola Spaldin will today be honoured for her revolutionary research in the field of materials science. In Paris, she is set to receive the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science award for Europe, which carries prize money of 100,000 euros. Read more 

17.03.2017 | Publications

Polymer “Shields” Designed to Last

A team of researchers from the Department of Materials led by Dr. Edmondo M. Benetti have demonstrated that when cyclic polymer ligands are grafted onto inorganic NPs, ultra-dense and highly compact brush shells are generated. Read more 

15.03.2017 | Publications

Hairy, Lubricious and Tissue-Reactive Polymers

A team of researchers from the Department of Materials, coordinated by Dr. Edmondo M. Benetti and Prof. Marcy Zenobi-Wong (D-HEST), developed an injectable, synthetic formulation for the treatment of cartilage degeneration during osteoarthritis. This takes inspiration from the lubricating properties of polymer brush interfaces, which are structurally similar to synovial bio-lubricants present in the articular joint. Read more 

10.03.2017 | Awards

Title of Professor awarded to Dr. Claude Ederer

The ETH Board awarded the title of Professor to Dr. Claude Ederer (*1972), currently Senior Scientist and Lecturer at ETH Zurich, as Adjunct Professor at ETH Zurich. Claude Ederer is a globally recognised expert in the field of materials theory of ferroic systems. Before joining ETH Zurich in 2012, he worked at a number of renowned universities in the United States and Ireland. Congratulations! Read more 

10.03.2017 | Publications

Light-switching of Enzymatic Activity in Functionalized Polymer Brushes

UV- and visible light-induced switching of enzymatic activity has been demonstrated using surface-grafted polymer brushes functionalized with microperoxidase MP-11 and spiropyran mojeties. Integration into an optofluidic device allowed reversible switching of the enzymatic activity under flow. Read more 

28.02.2017 | Publications

Geologically-inspired Strong Bulk Ceramics Made with Water at Room Temperature

Material scientists in the Complex Materials group have developed a new method of manufacturing ceramics that does not require the starting materials to be fired. Instead, they are compacted under high pressure at room temperature in a significantly more energy-efficient process. Read more 

24.02.2017 | Awards

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for Dr. Hanumantha Rao Vutukuri

Dr. Hanumantha Rao Vutukuri, postdoc in the Soft Materials group, has obtained a Marie Curie Fellowship for his work on active colloidal systems. Roa will be focussing on how to use active particles to build new materials (in a collaboration with Caltech), and try to undertsand collective phenomena is such sytems. Read more 

03.02.2017 | Awards

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for Dr. Chiara Gattinoni

With great pleasure we announce that Dr. Chiara Gattinoni, postdoctoral researcher at Materials Theory, has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship for her work on "Properties across dimensions: an atomistic computational study of bismuth ferrite surfaces and nanocrystals". Dr. Gattinoni will focus on the surface- and nano-science of bismuth ferrite with an eye towards applications in catalysis and photovoltaics. Read more 

21.12.2016 | Publications

Aerogels and the Wonders of the Universe

Felix Rechberger and Prof. Markus Niederberger publish a review article on aerogels which is featured on the inside front cover of Nanoscale Horizons and is highlighted in the series 'Under the Covers' by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Read more 


Markus Niederberger appointed Full Professor

The Department of Materials is happy to announce that the Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has appointed Markus Niederberger, currently Accociate Professor, as Full Professor of Multifunctional Materials. Read more 

09.12.2016 | Publikationen

Scalable, Ultra-resistant Structural Colors Based on Network Metamaterials

A team that includes scientists from the Laboratory for Nanometallurgy is the first to use materials with a network-like structure to create a full spectrum of intense colours. The principle has long existed in nature: for example, in the colourful plumage of a particular species of bird in South America. Read more 


Swiss Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL)

Prof. Laura Heyderman, Chair of Mesoscopic Systems, would like to use the Swiss Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL) to study ultra-fast processes in magnets on the micrometer and nanometer scale and get to the bottom of phenomena that occur during phase transitions. Read more 

24.11.2016 | Awards

Walter R. Caseri receives "Goldene Eule 2016"

The ETH Zurich’s student association (VSETH) has selected Walter R. Caseri, titular professor at the Laboratory for Multifunctional Materials, as a recipient of the “Goldene Eule”. Read more 

03.11.2016 | Publications

Ceramics 3D Printed from Foams

Researchers from the Complex Materials group have used an additive manufacturing process to print an extremely porous ceramic component. Manufacturing a material of this kind with a 3D printer is a considerable achievement. Read more 

02.11.2016 | Awards

L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Award for Nicola Spaldin

Prof. Nicola Spaldin, Chair of Materials Theory, has been selected as the 2017 L’Oréal-UNESCO “For Women in Science” Laureate for Europe. This award recognizes her groundbreaking multidisciplinary work predicting, describing and creating new materials that have switchable magnetic and ferroelectric properties. Read more 

01.11.2016 | Events

Interviews with Joanna Aizenberg, Dave Mooney and Simon Hoerstrup

During the recent Biomaterials 2016 conference at ETH, Joanna Aizenberg, Dave Mooney and Simon Hoerstrup were interviewed about their views on biointerface research, translation and other important issues. These interviews are available now. Read more 

26.10.2016 | Awards

DGM "Breakthrough" Prize 2016 awarded to Jörg F. Löffler

Jörg F. Löffler has been awarded the DGM "Breakthrough" Prize 2016 of the German Society of Materials. This award is "bestowed on an excellent scientist in the middle of his/her research career for outstanding scientific achievements which represent a breakthrough in materials science and/or for initiating a new research field". Read more 

25.10.2016 | Publications

Topological Polymer Chemistry Enters Surface Science: Linear versus Cyclic Polymer Brushes

Topological effects by cyclic polymers are enhanced in the confinement of a flat surface: a research team led by Dr. Edmondo M. Benetti have demonstrated that cyclic polyoxazoline brushes provide higher steric stabilization with respect to their linear analogues, and display super-lubricious behavior in water. Read more 


Soft and Living Materials: Inaugural Lecture of Prof. Eric Dufresne online

The inaugural lecture of Prof. Eric Dufresne is now available online. Read more 

06.10.2016 | Awards

Onsager Professorship and Fellowship of the Society of Rheology for Prof. Jan Vermant

Prof. Jan Vermant was awarded the 2016 Onsager Professorship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and received the Onsager medal on September 26 th in Trondheim. Prof Vermant was also elected as a fellow of the Society of Rheology (US), class of 2016. Read more 


Professorship for Dorota Koziej

Dorota Koziej, group leader in the Laboratory for Multifunctional Materials, accepted a professorship in experimental physics with a focus on hybrid nanomaterials at University of Hamburg, Germany. In August 2017, her group will move to the new Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (CHyN), which is part of the Institute of Nanostructure- and Solid State Physics (INF) of the University of Hamburg (UHH). Read more 

09.09.2016 | Publications

Self-assembly of Nanoparticles and their Potential as Drug Delivery Vehicles

Authors present a rationally designed nanoparticle (NP) formulation that mimics a liposome outer bilayer but can help achieve a uniform size through a bottom up synthetic approach afforded by an inorganic NP scaffold at its core. Read more 

17.08.2016 | Publications

Reversible optical switching of antiferromagnetism in TbMnO3

Antiferromagnetism is magnetic order, yet without a macroscopic magnetization as in iron. The absence of the field has interesting technological potential, but it also makes the antiferromagnetic state harder to control and set in a certain direction. Light, however, can do this if antiferromagnets from a special class of materials called multiferroics are selected. Read more 

05.08.2016 | Publications

Solid Batteries Improve Safety

Researchers at the Eectrochemical Group of Prof. Jennifer Rupp have developed a lithium-ion battery made entirely of solid material: it contains neither liquids nor gels. The battery cannot ignite, even at very high temperatures, giving it a safety advantage over conventional batteries. In addition, they allow new forms of battery design. Read more 

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