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Bachelor programme application

Find all the necessary information on the central website of ETH: Application / Registration

Master programme application

There are two application periods at ETH:

1) November 1st – December 15th

2) March 1st – March 31st

Students applying for the Materials Science Master program may be asked to fulfill additional requirements to be admitted to the master program, depending on the scope of already attended courses. Those additional requirements usually are Materials Science Bachelor classes. In some cases the additionally required classes are held in German only. In those cases the students must prepare for the exams in self-study. The time span to fulfill imposed conditions is 18 months at the very maximum, possible exam repetitions included. If, after 18 months the conditions have not been met, the student will be exmatriculated automatically and inevitably.

The Admission Office of ETH receives all applications. The application form and detailed information about the application can be found on the web:


Specific requirements for your application for the Master's degree programme

  • Two academic recommendation letters
  • GRE-test
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