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Please check also the groups' websites for student projects that are not listed here yet.

Multifunctional Materials

Master's project and thesis work opportunity on electrochemical energy storgae (battery) research

Area: Interdisciplinary research at the intersection of chemistry, materials science and electrochemistry with focus on materials development and their electrochemical evaluation for the advancement of safe, inexpensive, and high energy density aqueous and nonaqueous rechargeable batteries. Read more 

Complex Materials

PhD position on 3D printing of multifunctional materials

The Laboratory for Complex Materials is currently searching for potential candidates for a doctoral position on 3D printing of multifunctional materials. Read more 

Multifunctional Materials

Bottom-up assembly of microporous copper foam monoliths with tunable pore anisotropy

This project comprises the fabrication and characterization of lightweight and shock-absorbing copper foam monoliths through magnetically-assisted assembly of coated anisotropic particles. Read more 

Polymer Physics

Postdoc position at Polymer Physics @ ETH Zurich

We look for a postdoc who strengthens us in our efforts to develop thermodynamically founded simulation methods with applications to relevant problems. Participation in the education of students of materials science is expected. Read more 

Polymer Chemistry

Nanoporous Membrane Fabrication Using Two Dimensional Polymers

We aim to fabricate atomically thin gas separation membranes using the 2D polymers synthesized in our lab. Read more 

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