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03.02.2016 | Publications

Quantifying Specific Ion Effects

Put the same material in two different salty water solutions and often you end up with significantly different materials properties. This phenomenon is called specific ion effects and its microscopic origins have eluded quantitative measure for more than a century. Read more 

20.01.2016 | Publications

Copper Deposition to Fabricate Tiny 3D Objects

The collaboration between the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics (D-ITET) and Laboratory for Nanometallurgy (D-MATL) lead to the development of a novel 3D printing method to easily manufacture tiny, complex metal components. Read more 

15.01.2016 | Publications

Perovskite: A New Class of Material

A new class of material containing Perovskite inspires research and industry alike. Prof. Jennifer Rupp, Electrochemical Materials, develops perovskite memristors for faster, energy-efficient and digital storage media. Read more 

05.01.2016 | Publications

Fully Tunable Silicon Nanowire Arrays Fabricated by Soft Nanoparticle Templating

The fabrication of tunable silicon nanowire arrays over large areas has so far remained so far an elusive task. A team lead by Prof. Lucio Isa from the Laboratory of Interfaces, Soft Matter and Assembly has demonstrated that current limitations can be overcome by a novel fabrication approach exploiting the self-assembly of soft hydrogel nanoparticles at fluid interfaces. Read more 


all-day 03.02.-05.02.2016 08:00-18:00 - Workshop

RAMAN MICROSCOPY Workshop - 3 days workshop given by PhDs for PhDs working in the field of Raman Spectroscopy, various experts, HCI J 3

Wednesday 10. Feb 10:15 - POLYPHYS Seminar

A truly complex fluid: particles with random interactions, Yitzhak Rabin, HCI J 574

Tuesday 23. Feb 16:15 - MaP

MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series - "The Big Picture", Prof. Gideon N. Levy, ETH Zentrum, HG E 1.1

Wednesday 24. Feb 17:15 - Farewell Lecture

Symmetrie und Struktur - Ideal und Realität, Prof. Walter Steurer, Auditorium Maximum


Professor Nicola Spaldin, Materials Theory, has been awarded the Körber Prize, one of the most prestigious scientific awards in Europe.
Press release (PDF, 116 KB); ETH News: English, German; YouTube: English, German; Spektrum (German); Bayern 2 Radio Podcast (about 11:30 minutes in, German)

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