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Soft and Living Materials: Inaugural Lecture of Prof. Eric Dufresne online

The inaugural lecture of Prof. Eric Dufresne is now available online. Read more 

06.10.2016 | Awards

Onsager Professorship and Fellowship of the Society of Rhelolgy for Prof. Jan Vermant

Prof. Jan Vermant was awarded the 2016 Onsager Professorship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and received the Onsager medal on September 26 th in Trondheim. Prof Vermant was also elected as a fellow of the Society of Rheology (US), class of 2016. Read more 


Professorship for Dorota Koziej

Dorota Koziej, group leader in the Laboratory for Multifunctional Materials, accepted a professorship in experimental physics with a focus on hybrid nanomaterials at University of Hamburg, Germany. In August 2017, her group will move to the new Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (CHyN), which is part of the Institute of Nanostructure- and Solid State Physics (INF) of the University of Hamburg (UHH). Read more 

09.09.2016 | Publications

Self-assembly of Nanoparticles and their Potential as Drug Delivery Vehicles

Authors present a rationally designed nanoparticle (NP) formulation that mimics a liposome outer bilayer but can help achieve a uniform size through a bottom up synthetic approach afforded by an inorganic NP scaffold at its core. Read more 

17.08.2016 | Publications

Reversible optical switching of antiferromagnetism in TbMnO3

Antiferromagnetism is magnetic order, yet without a macroscopic magnetization as in iron. The absence of the field has interesting technological potential, but it also makes the antiferromagnetic state harder to control and set in a certain direction. Light, however, can do this if antiferromagnets from a special class of materials called multiferroics are selected. Read more 


Thursday 27. Oct 00:20 - PhD Defense

Large-Scale Nanoelectronic Device Simulation from First Principles, Mohammad Hossein Bani-Hashemian, HIT K 51

Thursday 27. Oct 17:00-20:00 - MaP

Soft Interfaces in Industry: Current Challenges and New Directions, Prof. Eric Dufresne & various experts from industry, ETH Hönggerberg, HIT E 51 (Siemens Auditorium)

Friday 04. Nov 09:00 - MULTIMAT Seminar

Time-Resolved Structural Investigations using Microfluidics at High- Intensity X-ray Sources: from Nanostructures to Structural Biology, Prof. Martin Trebbin, HCI J498

Friday 04. Nov 17:00 - MSc Celebration

Masterfeier 2016, Prof. Manfred Fiebig, Prof. Nicola Spaldin, Dr. h. c. Ranga Yogeshwar, Dr. Sara Morgenthaler, Absolventen, HCI G3


Professor Nicola Spaldin, Materials Theory, has been awarded the Körber Prize, one of the most prestigious scientific awards in Europe.
Press release (PDF, 116 KB); ETH News: English, German; YouTube: English, German; Spektrum (German); Bayern 2 Radio Podcast (about 11:30 minutes in, German)

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