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Studienwoche 2017 Materialwissenschaft

(German only) Letzte Woche fand die Studienwoche 2017 an der ETH Zürich statt. Auch das Departement Materialwissenschaft betreute 12 Gymnasiastinnen und 2 Gymnasiasten während einer Woche mit spannenden Projekten wie Skateboardbau, 3D-Druck, Kunststoff-Fäden aus Fasern und im Spritzgussverfahren zu PET-Flaschen etc.

Lassen Sie sich entführen in die Welt der Materialien (inkl Video)!


20.07.2017 | Publications

Three-dimensional Magnetization Structures Revealed with X-Ray Vector Nanotomography

Researchers from Mesoscopic Systems (Prof. Laura Heyderman), from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), and from the University of Glasgow have for the first time made visible the directions of the magnetisation inside a micrometre-sized magnet in 3D down to details ten thousand times smaller than a millimetre (100 nanometres). Read more 

07.07.2017 | Awards

Andriani Keliri has been granted the INSPIRE Potentials - MARVEL Master's Fellowship

We are happy to announce that our Master student Andriani Keliri has been granted the INSPIRE Potentials – MARVEL Master's Fellowship. The INSPIRE fellowships aim to empower excellent female students to conduct their Master's thesis research in a laboratory belonging to the NCCR MARVEL on Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials. Read more 

29.06.2017 | Awards, Highlights, Information

MaP Graduate Symposium 2017

The annual MaP Graduate Symposium on 22 June 2017 brought together 240 researchers, students and faculty from ETH Zurich, Empa, PSI and IBM Research. Three researchers of our Department have received an award. Read more 

15.06.2017 | Publications

Universal Emulsion Stabilization

Researchers led by Lucio Isa (Interfaces, Soft Matter and Assembly), have developed microparticles with a rough, raspberry-like surface that stabilise emulsions following a new principle. Read more 

30.05.2017 | Awards

Dennis Meier Receives Gustav-Hertz-Preis 2017

Multiferroics couple magnetic and electric properties in unique ways. By directing his research at ETH Zurich on the domain walls that separate regions with a different orientation of magnetic and electric order in multiferroics, Dennis Meier discovered a realm of novel magneto-electronic functionalities. For this discovery, he received the Gustav-Hertz Prize of the German Physical Society. Read more 


Summer Camps "Mission Rosetta"

(German only) Für 10- bis 14-jährige Kinder und Jugendliche, diesen Sommer

Wednesday 09. Aug 16:30 - MATL Seminar

Batteries for safe and large-scale energy storage, Dr. D. Kundu; Colloidal microswimmers, Dr. I. Buttinoni; HCI G7

Tuesday 05. Sep 10:00-15:00 - Info

Prestudy Event D-MATL, Daniel Köchli,

Wednesday 13. Sep 16:30 - MATL Seminar

Making model soft composites, Dr. R. Style; Nanoscale control of polarization in ultrathin ferroelectric heterostructures, Dr. M. Trassin; HCI G7

Monday 18. Sep 09:00-12:00 - Info

Begrüssung der neueintretenden Studierenden, Dr. Andrea Schrott, HCI J6

Wednesday 11. Oct 16:30 - MATL Seminar

Preparation and applications of dendronized polymer-enzyme conjugates, Prof. Dr. P. Walde; Opportunities and challenges in TEM dynamic studies of metals, Dr. R. Schäublin; HCI G7


For Women in Science L'Orela awarded to Prof. Nicola Spaldin  
 L’Oréal Foundation

Nicola Spaldin, Materials Theory, receives L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award for her revolutionary research in the field of materials science. The awards aim to recognise and support outstanding female researchers from all around the world. Nicola Spaldin has received this prestigious award for the Europe region. The British scientist's research lays the theoretical foundations for the understanding and development of so-called multiferroic materials, which have the unique property of being simultaneously magnetic and electric. ETH News: English, German

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