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22.04.2016 | Publications

Solid-solid Phase Transitions via Melting in Metals

A solid-solid phase transition via an intermediate liquid state has been identified in colloidal systems, but the universality of the phenomenon at atomic scales has not yet been proved, mainly due to experimental constraints. In a recent Nature Communications manuscript, researchers at the Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technolog (LMPT) have now demonstrated via fast differential scanning calorimetry that a similar transition also occurs in metallic systems. Read more 

21.04.2016 | Publikationen, Research

A Single Atom Magnet

Magnets possess both strength and memory. These two properties make them useful for a broad variety of applications, which involve action at a distance or retention of magnetic information. The miniaturization of magnets, like that of transistors, cannot go on indefinitely. As a magnet is reduced in size, thermal fluctuations overcome the anisotropy barrier that keeps the magnetic axis stable, leading to the loss of permanent magnetization. Read more 

08.04.2016 | Publications

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Article: "New Wonder Materials – From Lab Specimens to Everyday Items"

It was sixteen years ago that physicist Nicola Spaldin discovered a brand new class of materials: multiferroics. To this day, little more is known about them, even in academic circles. Yet they feature a number of indisputable qualities. Read more 

05.04.2016 | Publications

Making Colloidal Molecules

The ISA group, in collaboration with IBM Research Zurich, has pioneered the fabrication of fully programmable colloidal molecules with complete and independent control on their shape and composition. These novel particles offer tremendous potential as building blocks for the assembly of complex materials and for microscopic studies on locomotion and the fabrication of micro-robots. Read more 

29.03.2016 | Awards

Beller Lectureship for Prof. Laura Heyderman

Prof. Laura Heyderman was presented with a certificate acknowledging her Beller Lectureship at the APS March Meeting 2016 by Suzanne te Velthuis, Chair of the APS Topical Group on Magnetism and its Applications (GMAG). Read more 


Tuesday 10. May 14:00 - PhD Defense

Photoresponsive Polymer-Brush Structures for Smart Surfaces, Matthias Dübner, HCI J498

Tuesday 10. May 16:15 - MaP

MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series - Digital Materiality, Prof. Gramazio Kohler, ETH Zentrum, HG E 1.1

Tuesday 17. May 16:15 - MaP

MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series - the next 25 years, Prof. Hod Lipson, ETH Zentrum, HG E 1.1

Wednesday 18. May 15:00 - PhD Defense

Anisotropic Interpenetrating Metallic Structure by Freeze-casting for Contact Applications, André Röthlisberger, HCI J498


Professor Nicola Spaldin, Materials Theory, has been awarded the Körber Prize, one of the most prestigious scientific awards in Europe.
Press release (PDF, 116 KB); ETH News: English, German; YouTube: English, German; Spektrum (German); Bayern 2 Radio Podcast (about 11:30 minutes in, German)

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