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05.07.2016 | Publications

Magnetically Aligned Graphite Electrodes for High-rate Performance Li-ion Batteries

Materials researchers from the Battery Materials group at the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Villigen and the Complex Material group at the ETH Zurich have developed a very simple and cost-effective procedure for significantly enhancing the performance of conventional Li-ion rechargeable batteries. Read more 

03.06.2016 | Awards

ETH Medals 2016

The Department is proud to announce that Can Onur Avci (Magnetism and Interface Physics), Max Jonathan Kory (Polymer Chemistry), Marco Schweizer (Polymer Physics) and Stef Smeets (Crystallography) will be awarded the ETH Medal 2016 for their outstanding doctoral theses. Read more 

01.06.2016 | Awards

European Materials Research Society Young Scientist Award for PhD Rafael Schmitt

PhD Rafael Schmitt received the European Materials Research Society Young Scientist Award at the 2016 EMRS for his fundamental work entitled "Direct Evidence of Oxygen Vacancies Role for Resistive Switching in Ceria-based Oxides to Modulate Information Bits". Read more 

01.06.2016 | Awards

Zuger Science Award for Jan Van den Broek

Jan Van den Broek was awarded with the 2nd Prize of the "Zuger Wissenschaftspreis" for his thesis "All Solid State Li-Ion Batteries Based on Garnet-type Fast Li-ion Conductors". Read more 

31.05.2016 | Publications

Modeling of Polymer Structure and Conformations in Polymer Nanocomposites from Atomistic to Mesoscale: A Review

Over the past two decades polymer nanocomposites have received tremendous interest from industry and academia due to their advanced properties comparative to polymer blends. In this article computer simulation studies of the fundamental problem of homopolymers structure and dimensions in nanocomposites containing bare or grafted spherical or rod nanoparticles are reviewed. Read more 


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MaP Image Contest 2016

all-day 19.09.-21.09.2016 12:30-12:00 - MaP

4th ETH-Chalmers Bilateral Workshop, various speakers from ETH Zurich, Empa, PSI & Chalmers University of Technology, ETH Hönggerberg, HIT E 51 (Siemens Auditorium)

Thursday 06. Oct 18:00 - MaP

MaP InSight - Careers in Materials and Processes, Materials Alumni ETH Zürich, HIT E 51 (Siemens Auditorium)

Tuesday 11. Oct 17:15 - Inaugural Lecture

noch nicht bekannt, Prof. Eric Dufresne / Einführungsvorlesung, Auditorium Maximum

Thursday 13. Oct  - Info

Evacuation Exercise HCI, , HCI Building


Professor Nicola Spaldin, Materials Theory, has been awarded the Körber Prize, one of the most prestigious scientific awards in Europe.
Press release (PDF, 116 KB); ETH News: English, German; YouTube: English, German; Spektrum (German); Bayern 2 Radio Podcast (about 11:30 minutes in, German)

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