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Within the department the following services are provided:

  • Department Coordination and Finances
    The Department Coordination and Finances is responsible for the planning of resources. (i.e. budgeting, accounting, retirements and new elections of professors).
  • Department Administration
    The Department Administration takes care of marketing, public relations and communication, contacts with associations, and the organisation and coordination of events.
  • Academic Affairs
    The Students and Doctoral Administration is responsible for issues related to teaching (i.e. Bachelor, Master and Diploma Degree courses, Doctoral Degree, and the administration of doctoral examinations).
    The Teaching Services are mainly responsible for support in teaching and learning, coordinate curriculum development and help with issues related to course scheduling.
  • Competence Center for Materials and Processing (MaP)
    The competence center brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines that aim to develop and understand new materials and processes.
  • Technical Workshop
    The D-MATL workshop is available to all members of the department. It is equipped with special tools, grinders, a welding apparatus and several machining tools, the most prominent being a CNC-controlled 5-axis machining center.
  • IT Support
    The IT support group (ISG) provides IT services and consultancy on the departmental and professorship level.
  • Common Rooms
    The Department of Materials owns four Seminar Rooms in the HCI building that can be used by department members for occasional meetings. In addition, the department also owns a computing room for students.
  • Sicherheit & Umwelt Management (German only)
    Das Sicherheit & Umwelt Management implementiert die ETH-Sicherheits- und Umweltpolitik im Departement Materialwissenschaft.
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