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Mode I transverse intralaminar fracture in glass fiber-reinforced polymers with ductile matrices.
Davi M. Montenegro, Francesco Bernasconi, Markus Zogg, Matthias Gössi, Rafael Libanori, Konrad Wegener, and André R. Studart
Composite Structures, (2017) Kidlington: Elsevier.
Microstructural features of Sc- and Zr-modified Al-Mg alloys processed by selective laser melting.
Adriaan B. Spierings, K. Dawson, Thorsten Heeling, Peter J. Uggowitzer, Robin Schäublin, F. Palm, and Konrad Wegener
Materials and Design, (2017) Oxford: Elsevier.
Fracture properties of a refractory high-entropy alloy: In situ micro-cantilever and atom probe tomography studies.
Y. Zou, P. Okle, H. Yu, T. Sumigawa, T. Kitamura, S. Maiti, W. Steurer, and R. Spolenak
Scripta Materialia, (2017) New York, NY: Elsevier.
Modeling Thermochemical Solar-to-Fuel Conversion: CALPHAD for Thermodynamic Assessment Studies of Perovskites, Exemplified for (La,Sr)MnO3.
Alexander H. Bork, Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz, and Jennifer L.M. Rupp
Advanced Energy Materials, (2017) Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.
Skyrmion oscillations in magnetic nanorods with chiral interactions.
Michalis Charilaou, and Jörg F. Löffler
Physical Review B, (2017) Woodbury, NY: American Institute of Physics.
From the characterization of human skin to the development of a skin model.
Agnieszka K. Dabrowska
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2017)
Catalyst support effects on hydrogen spillover.
Waiz Karim, Clelia Spreafico, Armin Kleibert, Jens Gobrecht, Joost VandeVondele, Yasin Ekinci, and Jeroen A. van Bokhoven
Nature, (2017) London: Nature Publishing Group.
Microstructure and ferroelectricity of BaTiO₃ thin Films on Si for integrated photonics.
Kristy Kormondy, Youri Popoff, Marilyne A. Sousa, Felix Eltes, Daniele Caimi, Marta Rossell, Manfred Fiebig, Patrik Hoffmann, Chiara Marchiori, Michael Reinke, Morgan Trassin, Alex Demkov, Jean Fompeyrine, and Stefan Abel
Nanotechnology, (2017) Bristol: Institute of Physics.
Presentation of a laboratory for the synthesis and study of special oxides and melt-grown crystalline materials. About special devices such as a mirror furnace, tube furnace, thermogravimetric analyzer and SQUID magnetometer, special constructions and concepts such as pressing dies and the preparation of rods, facilities such as gas supply, examples of materials preparation, and related topics.
Frank Lichtenberg
(2017) Zürich: ETH Zürich.
Molecular dynamics simulations of polymer crystallization under confinement: Entanglement effect.
Chuanfu Luo, Martin Kröger, and Jens-Uwe Sommer
Polymer, (2017) Oxford: Elsevier.
Engineering the grain boundary network of thin films via ion-irradiation: Towards improved electromigration resistance.
Huan Ma, Fabio La Mattina, Ivan Shorubalko, Ralph Spolenak, and Matteo Seita
Acta Materialia, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Highly emissive water soluble phosphorus corrole.
Mario L. Maitana, Sara Nardis, Giuseppe Pomarico, Michele Raggio, Fabrizio Caroleo, Daniel O. Cicero, Sara Lentini, Luca Prodi, Damiano Genovese, Sameera Mitta, Anna Sgarlata, Massimo Fanfoni, Luca Persichetti, and Roberto Paolesse
Chemistry: A European Journal, (2017) Weinheim: Wiley.
Conductivity Contrast and Tunneling Charge Transport in the Vortexlike Ferroelectric Domain Patterns of Multiferroic Hexagonal YMnO3.
Eugen Ruff, Stephan Krohns, Martin Lilienblum, Dennis Meier, Manfred Fiebig, Peter Lunkenheimer, and Alois Loidl
Physical Review Letters, (2017) New York, NY: American Physical Society.
A versatile subphase exchange cell for interfacial shear rheology.
Bram Schroyen, Deniz Z. Gunes, and Jan Vermant
Rheologica Acta, (2017) Berlin: Springer.
Investigation of the deformation behavior of aluminum micropillars produced by focused ion beam machining using Ga and Xe ions.
Yuan Xiao, Juri Wehrs, Huan Ma, Talal Al-Samman, S. Korte-Kerzel, Mathias Göken, Johann Michler, Ralph Spolenak, and Jeffrey M. Wheeler
Scripta Materialia, (2017) New York, NY: Elsevier.
Pickering and Network Stabilization of Biocompatible Emulsions Using Chitosan-Modified Silica Nanoparticles.
Lauriane Alison, Patrick A. Rühs, Elena Tervoort, Alexandra Teleki, Michele Zanini, Lucio Isa, and André R. Studart
Langmuir, (2016) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Microscale Fracture Behavior of Single Crystal Silicon Beams at Elevated Temperatures.
Balila N. Jaya, Jeffrey M. Wheeler, Juri Wehrs, James P. Best, Rafael Soler, Johann Michler, Christoph Kirchlechner, and Gerhard Dehm
Nano Letters, (2016) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Entanglements and Crystallization of Concentrated Polymer Solutions: Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
Chuanfu Luo, Martin Kröger, and Jens-Uwe Sommer
Macromolecules, (2016) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
3D Printing of Emulsions and Foams into Hierarchical Porous Ceramics.
Clara Minas, Davide Carnelli, Elena Tervoort, and André R. Studart
Advanced Materials, (2016) Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.
Nanofibrillated Cellulose Templated Membranes with High Permeance.
Paola Orsolini, Tommaso Marchesi D'Alvise, Cristiana Boi, Thomas Geiger, Walter R. Caseri, and Tanja Zimmermann
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2016) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
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