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Interfacial Rheology of Sterically Stabilized Colloids at Liquid Interfaces and Its Effect on the Stability of Pickering Emulsions.
Rob van Hooghten, Victoria E. Blair, Anja Vananroye, Andrew B. Schoffield, Jan Vermant, and Job H.J. Thijssen
Langmuir, (2017) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Mode I transverse intralaminar fracture in glass fiber-reinforced polymers with ductile matrices.
Davi M. Montenegro, Francesco Bernasconi, Markus Zogg, Matthias Gössi, Rafael Libanori, Konrad Wegener, and André R. Studart
Composite Structures, (2017) Kidlington: Elsevier.
Exceptionally broad bulk metallic glass formation in the Mg–Cu–Yb system.
Karl F. Shamlaye, Kevin J. Laws, and Jörg F. Löffler
Acta Materialia, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Adsorption of Ellipsoidal Particles at Liquid–Liquid Interfaces.
Stijn Coertjens, Raf de Dier, Paula Moldenaers, Lucio Isa, and Jan Vermant
Langmuir, (2017) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Tensile Behavior of a Substituted Poly(m-,p-phenylene) versus Its Parent Counterpart and Synthesis of Related Polyarylenes.
Bernd Deffner, Jimaja Sètuhn, Anja Kroeger, and A. Dieter Schlüter
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, (2017) Weinheim: Wiley.
On the understanding of the effects of sample size on the variability in fracture toughness of bulk metallic glasses.
Bernd Gludovatz, Davide Granata, Keli V.S. Thurston, Jörg F. Löffler, and Robert O. Ritchie
Acta Materialia, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Design, synthesis and cytotoxic activity of water-soluble quinones with dibromo-p-benzoquinone cores and amino oligo(ethylene glycol) side chains against MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
Leon F. Scherz, Engy A. Abdel-Rahman, Sameh S. Ali, A. Dieter Schlüter, and Mona A. Abdel-Rahman
(2017) Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry.
Carbon nanotube length governs the viscoelasticity and permeability of buckypaper.
Zhiqiang Shen, Magnus Roding, Martin Kröger, and Ying Li
Polymers, (2017) Basel: MDPI AG.
Three-Legged 2,2′-Bipyridine Monomer at the Air/Water Interface: Monolayer Structure and Reactions with Ni(II) Ions from the Subphase.
Wenyang Dai, Laytheng Lee, Andri Schütz, Benjamin Zelenay, Zhikun Zheng, Andreas Borgschulte, Max Döbeli, Wasim Abuillan, Oleg V. Konovalov, Motomu Tanaka, and A. Dieter Schlüter
Langmuir, (2017) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Domain wall architecture in tetragonal ferroelectric thin films.
Gabriele De Luca, Marta Rossell, Jakob Schaab, Nathalie Viart, Manfred Fiebig, and Morgan Trassin
Advanced Materials, (2017) Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.
Defect Chemistry as a Crystal Structure Design Parameter: Intrinsic Point Defects and Ga Substitution in InMnO3.
Sinéad M. Griffin, Mari Reidulff, Sverre M. Selbach, and Nicola A. Spaldin
Chemistry of Materials, (2017) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
A Two-Dimensional Polymer Synthesized through Topochemical [2+2]-Cycloaddition on the Multigram Scale.
Ralph Z. Lange, Gregor Hofer, Thomas Weber, and A. Dieter Schlüter
Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2017) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Microstructural features of Sc- and Zr-modified Al-Mg alloys processed by selective laser melting.
Adriaan B. Spierings, K. Dawson, Thorsten Heeling, Peter J. Uggowitzer, Robin Schäublin, F. Palm, and Konrad Wegener
Materials and Design, (2017) Oxford: Elsevier.
Top-down method to introduce ultra-high elastic strain.
Thomas Zabel, Richard Geiger, Esteban Marín, Elisabeth Müller, Ana Díaz, Christopher Bonzon, Martin J. Süess, Ralph Spolenak, Jérôme Faist, and Hans Sigg
Journal of Materials Research, (2017) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Fracture properties of a refractory high-entropy alloy: In situ micro-cantilever and atom probe tomography studies.
Y. Zou, P. Okle, H. Yu, T. Sumigawa, T. Kitamura, S. Maiti, W. Steurer, and R. Spolenak
Scripta Materialia, (2017) New York, NY: Elsevier.
Modeling Thermochemical Solar-to-Fuel Conversion: CALPHAD for Thermodynamic Assessment Studies of Perovskites, Exemplified for (La,Sr)MnO3.
Alexander H. Bork, Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz, and Jennifer L.M. Rupp
Advanced Energy Materials, (2017) Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.
Skyrmion oscillations in magnetic nanorods with chiral interactions.
Michalis Charilaou, and Jörg F. Löffler
Physical Review B, (2017) Woodbury, NY: American Institute of Physics.
From the characterization of human skin to the development of a skin model.
Agnieszka K. Dabrowska
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2017)
Chemical bath deposition of transparent conductive zinc oxide thin films for solar cell applications.
Peter Fuchs
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2017)
Perovskites as Material Class for 2-step Thermochemical Solar to-Fuel Conversion. Using Thermodynamic Principles for Design and Assessment of New Materials.
Alexander Hansen Bork
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2017)
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