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The Department of Materials facilitates student exchange, for students from other universities who want to study for a semester or a year in the Department or do a project here ("Incoming Students"), and for ETH students of Materials who want to study abroad ("Outgoing Students"). The most important resource at ETH is the Student Exchange Office.

Student Exchange Advisor

Prof. Peter Walde is the Department's Mobility Advisor. Please contact him if you have any questions about mobility.

Incoming Students

Students from outside ETH Zürich must contact the advisors or offices for student mobility or exchange at the university where they are matriculated. For students at universities where exchange agreements exist with ETH and the Department of Materials, see the Mobility-Online for a list of universities and departments. There are established rules for student mobility (see ETH Student Exchange website).

Students from universities not listed here should inquire with their Mobility Advisors if other possibilities exist that make a stay at ETH possible.

Outgoing Students

ETH students of Materials have a number of possibilities for Mobility Study at a Guest University. See the ETH Student Exchange website, in particular the Mobility-Online website for a list of universities and departments, with which mobility agreements exist. Mobility, however, should not lead to an extension of the overall length of their immatriculation at ETH. Mobility in the Department of Materials is generally recommended; it is in principle possible during the Bachelor Degree Course and certainly possible during the Master Degree Course.

Guidelines for Student Exchange

Guidelines for student exchanges in Materials Science degree programmes at ETH Zurich (PDF, 274 KB)

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